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definition : toss

Toss, Tossed or Tossing may refer to:

;Places in the canton of Zürich, Switzerland * Töss, a district of the city of Winterthur * Töss (river) * Töss Valley

;Film * Toss (2007 film), an Indian Telugu film * Toss (2009 film), an Indian Hindi film * Toss (2017 film), and Indian Kannada film

;Other * Toss Woollaston (1910-1998), New Zealand painter * "Tossed", a song by Frank Black on his Frank Black (album) * Type one secretion system, in biochemistry * Toss (cricket), a coin flip to determine which team bats first * Toss, a method of determining the order of play in the table game of Carrom * Tossed (retail), a London-based fast food chain * vulgar UK slang for masturbation

==See also== * The Tossers, a Celtic punk band from Chicago, Illinois * Full toss, cricket delivery * Toss juggling * Toss bombing, a type of military aerial bombing * ToS, Terms of Service

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