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definition : thaw

Thaw or THAW may refer to:

==Events== * Thaw (weather), the melting of snow and ice * Gomułka thaw, also called the "Polish October", a political change in Poland in 1956 * Khrushchev Thaw, a period in the history of the Soviet Union * Cuban Thaw, warming of Cuba–United States relations that began in 2014

==Organisations== * Theaters Against War, a coalition of theaters and theater artists protesting against the Iraq war * The Heat and Warmth Fund, a nonprofit organization in Michigan providing energy assistance

==Popular culture== * Thaw (album), an album by the band Foetus Interruptus * The Thaw (film), a horror film starring Val Kilmer * The Thaw (Ehrenburg novel), a 1954 novel by Ilya Ehrenburg about the Khrushchev Thaw * The Thaw (novelette), a 1979 novelette by Tanith Lee * "The Thaw" (Star Trek: Voyager), an episode of sci-fi TV series Star Trek Voyager * The Thaw (TV series), a Russian television series which debuted in 2013

==People with the surname== * Alan Thaw (19262007), Australian rules footballer * Alice Cornelia Thaw (1880–1955), American philanthropist * Abigail Thaw (born 1965), British actress * Benjamin Thaw (1859–1933), American banker and philanthropist * Harry Kendall Thaw (18711947), American convicted murderer * John Thaw (19422002), English actor * Kevin Thaw (born 1967), English alpinist * Margaret Copley Thaw, (1877-1942), American philanthropist * Russell William Thaw (19101984), American racing pilot who fought in World War II * William Thaw, Sr. (18181889), American railroad baron * William Thaw II (18931934), American aviator who fought in World War I

==See also== * Thor (disambiguation) * Melting

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