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definition : stagger

Stagger or staggered may refer to:

*Stagger (aeronautics), the horizontal positioning of a plane's wings *Stagger, a motorsport term for the difference in size between right and left tires *Staggered (film), a 1994 British romantic comedy film *Staggered Board of Directors, a method of electing directors of a company or other organization *Staggered conformation, a chemical conformation of an ethane-like moiety *Staggered elections, a method of electing members of government *Staggered fermion, a model in quantum mechanics *Staggered junction, a place where roads meet a main road at a slight distance apart *Staggered Pin Grid Array, a style of arranging pins on an integrated circuit package *Staggered spinup, a method for preventing excessive power-consumption in computer disks *Staggered truss system, a type of structural steel framing used in high-rise buildings

==See also== *Staggers (disambiguation)

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