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definition : staff

Staff may refer to:

==Rods== * Staff of office, a stick that indicates a position * Staff (railway signalling), a token authorizing a locomotive driver to use a particular stretch of single track * Level staff, also called levelling rod, a graduated rod for comparing heights * Fire staff, a staff of wood or metal and Kevlar, used for fire dancing and performance * Flagstaff, on which a flag is flown * Marotte, a staff with a carved image of a head at the tip used by a Jester * The weapon used in stick fighting ** Quarterstaff, a long pole used as a medieval weapon ** Bō, a long stick used as a weapon, usually in Japanese martial arts ** Gun (staff), a weapon in Chinese martial arts * Walking stick, a device to facilitate balancing while walking * Sceptre or scepter, a symbolic ornamental rod borne in the hand by a ruling monarch * Scout staff, a tall stick traditionally used by Boy Scouts, which has a number of uses in an emergency * Wand, a thin, straight, hand-held ceremonial stick * Shepherd's crook * A divining rod used in rhabdomancy

==People== * Staff (name)

==Other uses== * People in employment within any organization * Staff (military), the organ of military command and planning * Staff (music), a set of five horizontal lines upon which notes are placed in written music notation * Staff (building material) (short for staffieren), an artificial stone product used as ornament * Smart Target-Activated Fire and Forget (XM943 STAFF), an American-made experimental 120mm tank gun shell * Staff writer, a byline denoting an author employed by the publisher * Staff, a nickname for the Staffordshire Bull Terrier * Baton sinister, a charge used in heraldry

== See also == * Stuff (disambiguation), a group of items or matter * Staphylococcus, bacteria which can cause infection * Stave (disambiguation) * Shaft (disambiguation) * Stick (disambiguation)

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