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definition : stacking

Stacking may refer to:

* Stacking (chemistry) * Stacking (video game), a 2011 game from Double Fine * Sport stacking, played using plastic cups * Dice stacking, a performance art involving dice * Focus stacking, an image processing technique in photography * Image stacking, a form of speckle imaging * Consonant stacking, a feature of some South Asian writing systems * Verb stacking, a grammatical phenomenon involving concatenation of verbs * Block-stacking problem, a puzzle in statics * Stacking guard pass, a technique in grappling * Stacking, a film directed and produced by Martin Rosen * Stacking, a technique in broadcast programming * Stacking, a type of ensemble learning in machine learning * Stacking, a technique used in reflection seismology * Stacking, a gang signal made with the hands * Stacking, a phenomenon where amusement ride vehicles stop and "pile up" due to the track ahead being occupied

==See also== * * * Sphere packing * Stack (disambiguation) * Stacker (disambiguation) * piling (disambiguation)

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