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definition : puma

Puma may refer to:

==Animals == * Puma (genus), which contains the cougar and its extinct relatives ** Cougar, a large cat also known as the puma, mountain lion, panther, or catamount

==Companies== * Puma (brand), a German shoe and sportswear company * Puma Energy, a petrol distribution company, subsidiary of Trafigura Beheer B.V.

==Vehicles== === Aircraft === * Aero-Service Puma, a Polish ultralight aircraft * Aérospatiale Puma, a helicopter * BDC Aero Puma, a Canadian ultralight aircraft * Eurocopter Super Puma, an enlarged version of the Aérospatiale Puma

=== Cars === * Puma (car manufacturer), a Brazilian brand of sports cars * Puma (kit car company), an Italian brand of dune buggy and sports kit-car * Personal Urban Mobility and Accessibility, a prototype electric vehicle designed by Segway and General Motors * Ford Puma, a sports car

=== Combat vehicles === * Puma (AFV), an Italian family of armoured fighting vehicles * Puma (IFV), a German infantry fighting vehicle * Puma (IDF), an Israeli combat engineering vehicle * PUMA M26-15, a South African armoured personnel carrier * 'Puma', also known as a 'Warthog', from the Halo series of video games * SdKfz 234/2, a variant of the Schwerer Panzerspähwagen, a German armored car of World War II

==Technology== * AMD Puma, a mobile computing platform * Programmable Universal Machine for Assembly, an industrial robot arm * Mac OS X 10.1, an operating system codenamed "Puma" * Protected User Mode Audio, a DRM technology in Microsoft operating systems * Puma (Hewlett-Packard), a codename for the HP 1000CX palmtop PC

==Sports== * Pumas de la UNAM, a Mexican professional football club * Pumas (rugby team), a South African rugby team representing Mpumalanga province * Argentina national rugby union team, nicknamed Los Pumas

==People== * Robert Puma, Imran series character and Grade-One Section's agent * Puma Swede, a Swedish pornographic actress * T.J. Perkins, American professional wrestler * José Luis Rodríguez (singer), Venezuelan singer and actor, nicknamed "El Puma" * José Luis Carranza, Peruvian football player, nicknamed "El Puma" *Puma (luchador), a Mexican professional wrestler previously known as "Puma King"

==Places== * Lake Puma Yumco, a lake in Tibet * Puma (Tanzanian ward), a ward in Tanzania * Puma (village), a village on Teanu Island (Vanikoro, Solomon Islands) * Pumapunku, an archeological site in Tiwanaku, Bolivia

==Languages== * Puma language, a language of Nepal * Puma, a name sometimes used for the language Teanu (Solomon Islands)

==Other meanings== * Puma (band), a Norwegian experimental free impro jazz ensamble * Puma (comics), a comic book character * People United Means Action, a political action committee during the 2008 US presidential election * p53 upregulated modulator of apoptosis, a gene * Public Use Microdata Area, a census subdivision of US states * Paediatric-use marketing authorisation by the European Medicines Agency

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