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definition : ordinance

Ordinance may refer to:

==Law== * By-law, a rule established by an organization to regulate itself * Local ordinance, a law made by a municipality or other local authority * Act of Parliament, in some jurisdictions, such as England when the parliament operated without regal sanction, and a number of British colonies ** Royal ordinance, see Decree * Ordonnance (French constitutional law), , in French government, a regulation adopted by the executive in a domain normally reserved for statute law * Ordinance (Belgium), a law adopted by the Brussels Parliament or the Common Community Commission * Ordinance (India) * Ordinance (university), a particular class of internal legislation in a United Kingdom university * Ordinance XX, a law passed down in Pakistan which prevents Ahmadi Muslims from being identified as Muslims

==Religion== * Ordination, the process by which one is consecrated * Ecclesiastical ordinances, the bylaws of a Christian religious organization * Ordinance (Christianity), Protestant term for religious ritual ** Baptist ordinance, Believer's Baptism and Lord's Supper **Ordinance (Latter Day Saints), a religious ritual enacted using Priesthood authority ***Ordinance room, place for Latter-day Saint ordinances

==See also== * Ordinances of 1311 * List of Acts and Ordinances of the Parliament of England, 1642 to 1660 * Northwest Ordinance *, a British coaster

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