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definition : obstructed

Obstruction may refer to:

* Obstruction theory, in mathematics * Obstruction set in forbidden graph characterizations, in the study of graph minors in graph theory * Obstruction of justice, the crime of interfering with law enforcement * Obstructing government administration * Propagation path obstruction ** Single Vegetative Obstruction Model * The Five Obstructions, a 2003 film * Obstruction Island, in Washington state *Obstruction Islands, east of New Guinea * Emergency Workers (Obstruction) Act 2006

==Medicine== * Obstructive jaundice * Obstructive sleep apnea * Airway obstruction, a respiratory problem ** Recurrent airway obstruction * Bowel obstruction, a blockage of the intestines. * Gastric outlet obstruction * Distal intestinal obstruction syndrome * Congenital lacrimal duct obstruction * Bladder outlet obstruction

==Sports== * Obstruction (baseball), when a fielder illegally hinders a baserunner * Obstructing the field

==See also== * USS Obstructor, an American minelayer ship used in World War II * Obstructionism, the practice of deliberately delaying or preventing a process or change, especially in politics

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