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definition : oblivion

Oblivion may refer to:

==Places== * Limia River, which Livy identifies as "the Oblivion" * Lethe, the river of Greek myth

==Arts and entertainment== ===Books=== * Oblivion, a novel by Peter Abrahams * Oblivion, a 2012 book in The Power of Five series by Anthony Horowitz * Oblivion: Stories, a 2004 book by David Foster Wallace * Oblivion: The Mystery of West Point Cadet Richard Cox, a 1999 book by Harry Maihafer about Richard Colvin Cox * Oblivion (Stone novel), a Dr Who book

===Fictional characters=== * Oblivion (comics), a Marvel Comics character * Oblivion, the alias used by Nick Aldis in the Gladiators UK TV series

===Films=== * Oblivion (1994 film), a western/science fiction film from Full Moon Entertainment * Oblivion (2013 film), a science fiction film starring Tom Cruise

===Music=== ====Artists and labels==== * Oblivion (band), a former Chicago-area punk rock band * Oblivion (metal band), an American technical death metal band from the California Bay Area * Oblivion Records, an American independent record label 197276

====Albums==== * Oblivion (Orphanage album) * Oblivion (Utopia album) * Oblivion, a 1991 album by D-Rok * Oblivion (T-Pain album) * Consign to Oblivion, by gothic Dutch band Epica

====Songs==== * "Oblivion" (Grimes song) * "Oblivion" (Hastang song) * "Oblivion" (M83 song) * "Oblivion" (Mastodon song) * "Oblivion" (Bastille song) * "Oblivion", a song on the eponymous album by 30 Seconds to Mars * "Oblivion", a song by Lacuna Coil from the 2009 album Shallow Life * "Oblivion", a song by Mors Principium Est from the 2003 album Inhumanity * "Oblivion", a song by Mudhoney from the 1998 album Tomorrow Hit Today * "Oblivion", an Argentine tango written by Ástor Piazzolla * "Oblivion", a 2010 song by M. Pokora * "Oblivion", a song by Suffocation * "Oblivion", a 1994 song by Terrorvision * "Oblivion", a 2007 song by Wintersleep * "Oblivion", a song by Patrick Wolf from the 2009 album The Bachelor * "Oblivion", a 2013 song by The Baptist Generals * "Oblivion" a 2015 song by The Winery Dogs * "Oblivion" a song by Astor Piazzolla * "Oblivion" a song by Lustmord * "Oblivion (Lost in)" a 2017 song by Sons of Apollo album Psychotic_Symphony

===Other uses in arts and entertainment=== * Oblivion (roller coaster), the world's first vertical drop roller coaster located at Alton Towers, England * Oblivion: The Black Hole, a roller coaster in the Gardaland, Italy * The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion, the winner of the 2006 video game of the year award

==Other uses== * Eternal oblivion, believed by many atheists to be an eternally unconscious state that occurs after death

==See also== * Ash heap of history

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