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definition : obliteration

Destruction refers to damage to an object, system, being or idea, as in legal damages and physical vandalism

Destruction may also refer to: * Destruction Bay, Yukon, Canada * Destruction (DC Comics), one of the Endless in Neil Gaiman's comic book series The Sandman * Destruction (band), a German thrash metal band * Destruction (film), a 1915 film starring Theda Bara * "The Destruction", a song from the musical Carrie * Appetite for Destruction the debut album of the American hard rock band Guns N' Roses * Symphony of Destruction a single by Megadeth from the album Countdown to Extinction * Destructoid a video-game blog * Destruction (EP), a 1994 EP by the German thrash metal group Destruction * NJPW Destruction, professional wrestling event

== Concepts == * Destruktion, a term from the philosophy of Martin Heidegger * Destructive narcissism, a pathological form of narcissism * Self-destructive behaviour, a widely used phrase that conceptualises certain kinds of destructive acts as belonging to the self * Destroy (disambiguation) * Damage (disambiguation) * Final destruction (End of the World)

== See also == * Destroyed (disambiguation) * *

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