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definition : oblique

Oblique may refer to: * an alternative name for the character usually called a slash (punctuation) ( / ) *Oblique angle, in geometry *Oblique triangle, in geometry *Oblique leaf base, a characteristic shape of the base of a leaf *Oblique angle, a synonym for Dutch angle, a cinematographic technique *Oblique (album), by jazz vibraphonist Bobby Hutcherson *Oblique (film), a 2008 Norwegian film *Oblique (Vasarely), a 1966 collage, by Victor Vasarely *Oblique banded rattail, a fish also known as a rough-head whiptail *Oblique case, in linguistics *Oblique argument, in linguistics *Oblique correction, in particle physics *Oblique motion, in music *Oblique order, a military formation *Oblique projection, in geometry and drawing, including cavalier and cabinet projection *Oblique reflection, in Euclidean geometry *Oblique shock, in gas dynamics *Oblique type, in typography *Oblique wing, in aircraft design *Oblique icebreaker, a special type of icegoing ship *Oblique muscle, any of several in the human body

==Anatomy== *Oblique arytenoid muscle, in the neck *Oblique cord, near the elbow point *Oblique fissure, separating the inferior and superior lobes of the lungs

;Abdominal muscles *Abdominal external oblique muscle *Abdominal internal oblique muscle **Oblique strain, an injury of either of these muscles, common in baseball.

;Eye muscles *Inferior oblique muscle *Superior oblique muscle

==See also== *Obliq, a computer programming language

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