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definition : mainliner

Mainliner or Mainliners may refer to:

* "Mainliner", a person who takes drugs intravenously * "Mainliner", a person of the Mainline (Protestant) * "Mainliner", a person who lives on the Pennsylvania Main Line section of the Philadelphia suburbs * "Mainliner", a generic name given to aircraft which flew the Mainline (flight) routes * "Mainliner", a specific prefix name given to a number of aircraft operated by United Airlines and possibly others (ex. Mainliner New York, Mainliner Washington, etc.)

== In music == * "Mainliner", a member of The Bryn Mawr Mainliners Men's Barbershop Chorus * "Mainliner", a member of Big Tom and The Mainliners, an Irish country music band * Mainliner: Wreckage from the Past, a compilation album from the group Social Distortion * "Mainliner (band)", is the name of one of the groups formed by Japanese underground musician Asahito Nanjo * "Mainliner" is the name of a song by the grindcore group Brutal Truth from their 1994 album Need to control.

== Other == * Mainliner (racehorse), racehorse that won the 1951 Hambletoninan harness race

==See also== Mainline (disambiguation)

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