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definition : liquidator

Liquidator may refer to:


* Liquidator (law), the officer who collects the assets of and settles the claims against a company before dissolving it * Estate liquidator, the person given the job of personal estate liquidation * Computer liquidator, a purchaser and reseller of computer technology and related equipment

==Arts== * "The Liquidator" (instrumental), a reggae instrumental by the Harry J Allstars * The Liquidator (novel), the first novel of John Gardner * The Liquidator (1965 film), a 1965 British spy film, adaptation of the novel, starring Rod Taylor *The Liquidator (2017 film), Chinese film * The Liquidator (soundtrack) the soundtrack to the 1965 film by Lalo Schifrin * The Liquidator (TV Series), a Canadian reality television series * The Liquidator (Darkwing Duck), fictional character in television animation

==Other== * Chernobyl liquidators, disaster-remediation workers * Liquidator, a member of one of the factions of the RSDLP (Russian Social Democratic Labor Party) * Liquidator, a water gun sold in Italy in the 1990s, similar to Super Soaker

==See also== * Liquidate

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