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definition : lackey


Lackey may refer to:

==Places== *Lackey, Kentucky, a town in Floyd County, Kentucky *Lackey, Mississippi, a town in Monroe County, Mississippi *Lackey, Virginia, a town in York County, Virginia *Lackey Place, California, a town in Kern County, California *Lackey Ridge, a topographical feature in Antarctica

==Buildings and institutions== *George W. Lackey House, a historic house in Mountain View, Arkansas *Henry E. Lackey High School, a school in Charles County, Maryland *John Alexander Lackey House, a historic house in Burke County, North Carolina *Lackey General Merchandise and Warehouse, a historic commercial building in Mountain View, Arkansas

==Other uses== *Lackey (surname) *Lackey (manservant), a uniformed domestic worker *"Lackey" (song), by the English indie rock band The Others *Lackey moth, a species of moth, Malacosoma neustria *LackeyCCG, a computer application for playing CCG's online

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