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definition : hardcore

Hardcore, hard core or hard-core may refer to:

==Arts and media== ===Film=== * Hardcore (1977 film), a British comedy film * Hardcore (1979 film), an American crime drama film starring George C Scott * Hardcore (2001 film), a British documentary film directed by Stephen Walker * Hardcore (2004 film), a Greek drama film directed by Dennis Iliadis * Hardcore Henry, a Russian first-person action adventure/sci-fi film directed by Ilya Naishuller of the band Biting Elbows

===Music=== ====Genres==== * Hardcore punk ** harDCore, a portmanteau abbreviation for hardcore punk music in Washington, D.C. ** hardcore dancing, a style of dance related to moshing, sometimes performed at hardcore punk shows * Hardcore (electronic dance music genre) * Hardcore hip hop * Digital hardcore, a fusion between hardcore punk and electronic dance music

====Albums==== * Hardcore (Daddy Freddy album), 2004 * Hard Core (Paul Dean album), 1989 * Hard Core (Lil' Kim album), 1996 * Hard Core (Lil' Kim mixtape), 2014 * Hardcore '81, album by D.O.A.

===Other uses in media=== * Hardcore (comics), a fictional character in the Marvel Multiverse * Hardcore pornography, a form of pornography that is explicit * Hardcore wrestling, a form of professional wrestling * Hardcore Holly, the ring name of American professional wrestler Robert Howard (born 1963) * Permanent death, sometimes called "hardcore mode", a video game style which doesn't allow a killed character to be restored

==Technology== * Construction aggregate, often referred to as "hardcore" * Hard core, a type of semiconductor intellectual property core * Hard-core predicate, a concept in cryptography

== See also == * List of hardcore genres in music * Hard Corps (disambiguation) * * *

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