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definition : filthy

Filth, The Filth or Filthy may refer to: * Dirt, unclean matter * Filth (novel), a 1998 novel by Irvine Welsh * Filth (film), a 2013 film based on the novel * Filth: The Mary Whitehouse Story, a 2008 BBC docudrama * The Filth (comics), a comic book series by Grant Morrison * Filth, an alternative title for Sauna, a 2008 horror film * FILTH by Jingan Young, the first English language play commissioned by the Hong Kong Arts Festival * A pejorative way of referring to a police officer

== Music == * Filth (band), an American hardcore punk band * Filth (Swans album), 1983 * Filth (Venetian Snares album), 2009 * The Filth (album), a 1987 album by Sonny Black's Blues Band, or the title song * "Filth" (song), a 2001 song by Dir en grey * Filth, a term used both to describe and refer to some kinds of dubstep * Filth (Andrew Dice Clay album), Andrew Dice Clay comedy album * Filth (Maranatha album), 2015 * Filthy (album), an album by Egyptian Lover

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