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definition : disillusion

Disillusion or Disillusioned may refer to: ==Film and TV== *Disillusion (La gerla di papà Martin), 1940 French film by Mario Bonnard with Ruggero Ruggeri, Germana Paolieri, Luisella Beghi *Disillusion (Disillusione), 1912 Italian short film by Gustavo Serena *Disillusioned, magic show with Matt Marcy *"Disillusion" (Upstairs, Downstairs), a 1975 episode of Upstairs, Downstairs

==Music== *Disillusion (band), a German progressive metal band *Disillusion (album), a 1984 album by Japanese heavy metal band Loudness ===Songs=== *"Disillusion" (ABBA song) *"Disillusion" (Sachi Tainaka song) *"Disillusion", second part of the song "Starship Trooper" by Yes *"Disillusioned", song by A Perfect Circle 2017 *"Disillusioned", song by Oliver Nelson from Afro/American Sketches 1961 *"Disillusioned", song by New Zealand band Atlas Reasons for Voyaging 2007 *"Disillusioned", song by The Tams 1962

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