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definition : cut

Cut may refer to: * The act of cutting, the separation of an object into two through acutely-directed force * A type of wound

==Mathematics== * Branch cut, a concept in complex analysis * Cut-elimination theorem * Cut (graph theory) * Dedekind cut, a partition of rational numbers

==Computing== * Cut, copy, and paste, a set of editing procedures * Cut (logic programming) * cut (Unix), a command line utility

==Film and television == * Cut (2000 film), a horror comedy film * Cut (2011 film), a Japanese drama film * Cut (advertisement), a 2009 British advertising campaign on domestic violence * Cut (censorship), removal of a scene to meet censors' requirements * Cut (transition), a transition from one sequence to another * Cuts, a TV series

==Music== * Cut (music), an African-American music technique * Cut drum * Cut (C-Tec album), 2000 * Cut (Crack the Sky album), 1998 * Cut, an album by Flare Acoustic Arts League * Cut (Golden Earring album), 1982 * Cut (Hunters and Collectors album), 1992 * Cut (The Slits album), 1979 * Cut (EP), a 2014 EP by Aaron Yan * Cuts (EP), a 1992 EP by L.A. Guns * "Cut" (Plumb song), 2006 * "Cut", a song by The Cure on the album Wish * Cuts (album), an album by Merzbow, Balázs Pándi and Mats Gustafsson * A one-off solo/band effort by Ray Wilson, releasing Millionairhead in 2000

==Games and sport== * Cut (cards), a method of mixing a deck of cards * Cut (golf), a means of reducing the number of competitors in a golf tournament; also, a type of stroke intended to induce a particular ball flight * Carleton Ultimate Team

==Places== * Cut, Alba, Romania * Cut River, Michigan * Cut, a village in Dumbrava Roșie, Neamț County, Romania * Cuts, Oise, France * Cut, Texas, an unincorporated community in Houston County, Texas

==Schools== * Central University of Technology, South Africa * Chalmers University of Technology, Sweden * Chinhoyi University of Technology, Zimbabwe * Curtin University of Technology, Australia * Cyprus University of Technology, Cyprus

==Trade unions== * Central Única dos Trabalhadores, in Brazil * Central Unitaria de Traballadores in Galicia, Spain * Central Unitaria de Trabajadores de Chile * Confederación Unitaria de Trabajadores (Costa Rica) * Confederación Unitaria de Trabajadores del Perú

==Other uses== * Cut (archaeology), a hole dug in the past * Cut (clothing), the style or shape of a garment * Cut (earthmoving), an excavation to make way for a transport route * Cut (etiquette), a snub or slight such as failure to greet an acquaintance * Cut (gems) * Cut of meat * Cut (novel), by Patricia McCormick * Campaign for Unmetered Telecommunications, a UK political pressure group * Church Universal and Triumphant, a religious movement * Cincinnati Union Terminal * Compact Utility Tractor * Coordinated Universal Time, a time standard; the correct symbol is "UTC". * Cryptic unstable transcript, a type of RNA molecule * CUT, the IATA code for Cutral Có Airport, Argentina * Cut (manga), a 2008 Japanese manga

==See also== * Cut and paste (disambiguation) * Cut-out (disambiguation) * Cutaway (disambiguation) * Cutter (disambiguation) * Cutting (disambiguation) * Cutoff (disambiguation) * CUTS (disambiguation) * The Cut (disambiguation)

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