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definition : climactic

Climax may refer to:

== Biology == * Climax community, a biological community that has reached a steady state because the life there is best adapted to the area * Climax vegetation, the vegetation that establishes itself after a long absence of human activity * Orgasm, a state of ecstasy induced by sexual activity

== Film and television == * The Climax, a 1944 film * Climax (film), a 1965 Norwegian film * Climax!, a 1950s television series

== Music == * Climax (band), a 1970s American rock band best known for their soft rock hit "Precious and Few" * Climax Blues Band, a British blues-based rock band formed in 1968 * Climax (La'Mule album), 2001 * Climax (Ohio Players album), by American band The Ohio Players * "Climax" (Usher song), a 2012 song by singer Usher * "Climax", a 2000 song by hip hop group Slum Village * "Climax", a song by Susumu Hirasawa from the video game Detonator Orgun 3 * Climax, a 2013 album by the Spanish singer Edurne * Clymax, a record label by Bill Haley when he was with Bill Haley & His Comets * Klymaxx, an all-female R&B band

== People == * John Climacus, 7th century Christian monk at the monastery on Mount Sinai * Climax Lawrence, Indian footballer

== Places == === Canada === * Climax, Saskatchewan

=== United States === * Climax, Colorado, an unincorporated mining village and a former post office * Climax, Georgia * Climax, Kansas * Climax, Kentucky * Climax, Michigan * Climax Township, Michigan * Climax, Minnesota * Climax Springs, Missouri * Climax, New York, a hamlet in Greene County * Climax, North Carolina * Climax, Ohio, an unincorporated community * Climax, Pennsylvania * Climax, Texas * Climax, Virginia

== Transportation == *Airborne Climax, a hang glider *Climax locomotive, a geared steam locomotive

== Video games == * Climax Entertainment, a video game studio based in Japan * Climax Group, a global game development studio

== Other uses== * Climax (narrative), the point of highest tension in a narrative work * Climax (rhetoric), a figure of speech that lists items in order of importance * Coventry Climax, an engine manufacturer

== See also == * Climacs, open source text editor * The Climax (disambiguation)

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