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definition : canopy

Canopy may refer to: * Canopy (aircraft), transparent enclosure over aircraft cockpit * Canopy (biology), aboveground portion of plant community or crop (including forests) * Canopy (building), overhead roof or structure that provides shade or other shelter * Canopy (film), a 2013 Australian war film * Canopy (grape), aboveground portion of grapevine * Canopy (hotel), a brand within the corporate structure of Hilton Worldwide * Canopy (parachute), cloth and suspension line portion of parachute * Canopy bed, a type of bed * Canopy of state, cloth or permanent architectural feature that hangs over altar or throne as symbol of authority * Canopy Group, U.S. investment firm * Camper shell, raised, rigid covering for the rear bed of a pickup truck * Chuppah, canopy used in Jewish wedding ceremonies * Enthought Canopy, a Python distribution and analysis environment for scientific and analytic computing * Honda Canopy, three-wheeled automobile from Honda * Motorola Canopy, wireless broadband solutions * OP Canopy, Canadian Forces Operation * Umbraculum, canopy awarded by pope to basilicas * Vapor canopy, creationist idea that earth was surrounded by a "canopy" of water * Vehicle canopy, type of overhead door for vehicle

==See also== * Canapé, a small decorative food item

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