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definition : boo

Boo is an onomatopoeic word for a loud, startling sound, as an exclamation intended to scare, or as a call of derision (see booing). Boo or BOO may also refer to:

==Geography== * Boo, Sweden, locality in Stockholm County ** Boo FF, a Swedish football club in Boo, Stockholm * Boo (Aller), parish in Asturias, Spain * Boo, Ghana, a town in Lawra District in the Upper West RegionDeja * Boo, Guinea, in Nzérékoré Prefecture * Boo Islands, West Papua, Indonesia

==People== * Boo (name), a list of people with the given name, nickname or surname * Betty Boo (born 1970), English singer, songwriter and pop rapper Alison Moira Clarkson * Gangsta Boo (born 1979), American rapper * Sabrian "Boo" Sledge, half of the American hip hop duo Boo & Gotti ===Fictitious characters=== * Boo (character), a ghost character in the Mario series * Boo, a human baby girl in the animated film Monsters, Inc. * Boo, a hamster belonging to Minsc in Baldur's Gate, and a character in Megatokyo * Boo, a character in the manga and anime Crayon Shin-chan * Boo, nickname of Carrie Black in Orange Is the New Black * Boo, in the Malaysian animated television series Boo & Me * Boo! (comic strip), a character in the British comic The Dandy created by Andy Fanton * Majin Boo, an anime and manga character in Dragon Ball * Boo Radley, in the novel To Kill Mockingbird and its adaptations

==Films and TV== * B.O.O.: Bureau of Otherworldly Operations, an animated film * Boo (film), a 2005 horror film * Boo! (film), a 1932 comedy film * Boo! A Madea Halloween, a 2016 horror comedy film * Boo 2! A Madea Halloween, a 2017 horror comedy film ===Television=== * Boo! (TV series), a 2003 BBC children's television series * "Boo" (CSI: NY episode) * "Boo" (Dark Angel), an episode of the television series Dark Angel * "Boo!" (a.k.a. I'm With Her), a 2004 episode of Frasier

==Music== * Boo! (band), a South African band * Boo! (album), by Was (Not Was)

==Other== * The Boo (book), by Pat Conroy * Boo (programming language) * .boo, a binary-to-text encoding system * Boo (dog) (born 2006) * "Boo", a term of endearment * Boô, a Saxon cattle shed *, a clothing company

==Codes and acronyms== * BOO Build Own Operate, a form of infrastructure project operating concession * Better Off Out, a political campaign * Bladder outlet obstruction * Boo, a dialect of the Central Teke language, spoken in Congo and the Democratic Republic of the Congo * boo, ISO 639 code for the Bozo language, spoken in Mali * Boo, standard abbreviation for the constellation Boötes * BOO, IATA airport code for Bodø Airport in Norway

==See also== * Big Boo (disambiguation) * BO2 (disambiguation) * Boo Boo (disambiguation) * Boos (disambiguation) * Buu (disambiguation)

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