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definition : Tito

Tito may refer to:

==People== *Josip Broz Tito (1892–1980), usually known mononymously as Tito, Yugoslav marshal and leader *Roberto Arias (1918–1989), aka Tito, Panamanian international lawyer, diplomat, and journalist

===Family name=== *Dennis Tito (born 1940), United States businessman and astronaut *Diego Quispe Tito (1611–1681), Peruvian painter *Paul Tito (born 1978), New Zealand rugby player *Santi di Tito (1536–1603), Italian Mannerist painter *Teburoro Tito (born 1953), Kiribati president

===Given name===

==Actors== *Tito Alonso (1926–1979), Argentine film actor *Tito Arévalo (1911–2000), Filipino actor (1934–1954) and musician

==Musicians, singers, and related professionals== *Tito Auger (born 1968), Puerto Rican musician *Tito Beltrán (born 1965), Chilean tenor *Tito Capobianco (born 1931), Argentine stage director of opera *Tito El Bambino (born 1981), reggaeton musician *Tito Fuentes, guitarist with Mexican rock and hip hop band Molotov *Tito Gobbi (1913–1984), Italian baritone *Tito Gómez (Cuban singer) (1920–2000), Cuban singer *Tito Gómez (Puerto Rican singer) (1948–2007), Puerto Rican singer *Tito Okello (1914–1996), Ugandan general *Tito Guízar (1908–1999), Mexican singer and actor *Tito Jackson (born 1953), musician, member of the Jackson 5 *Tito Larriva, Mexican-American singer, musician and actor *Tito Muñoz (born 1983), American conductor *Tito Nieves (1958), Puerto-Rico American, one of the leading Salsa singers of the 1980s and early 90s *Tito Puente (1923–2000), Latin jazz musician *Tito Rodríguez (1923–1973), band-leader *Tito Rojas (born 1955), salsa band-leader *Tito Schipa (1888–1965), Italian tenor

==Political figures== *Tito Chingunji, Angolan UNITA rebel foreign secretary *Tito Karnavian (born 1964), Indonesian national police chief *Tito Kayak (born 1958), Puerto Rican environmental activist *Tito Mboweni (born 1959), the eighth Governor of the South African Reserve Bank *Tito Munoz, also known as Tito the Builder from the 2008 United States presidential election *Tito Sotto (born 1948), senator in the Philippines Congress

==Sportspeople== *Tito José da Costa Santos (born 1946), Portuguese footballer known as Tito *Tito Francona (born 1933), former American outfielder/first baseman in Major League Baseball *Tito Fuentes (born 1944), retired Cuban-American second baseman played 1965-1978 *Tito Horford (born 1966), Dominican professional basketball player *Tito Landrum (born 1954), baseball player *Tito Maddox (born 1981), American professional basketball player formerly in the NBA *Tito Ortiz (born 1975), mixed martial arts competitor *Tito Santana (born 1953), Tejano professional wrestler *Tito Steiner (born 1952), Argentine decathlete *Tito Tebaldi (born 1987), Italian rugby union player *Tito Vilanova (1968-2014), Spanish football player and manager

==Others== *Tito Gomez (painter) (born 1948), Cuban painter *Tito Mukhopadhyay (born 1989), Indian writer and poet

===Fictional characters=== *Tito Bohusk, a fictional mutant character in the Marvel Comics Universe *Tito Makani, a character on Rocket Power *Tito Dick, a character in the animated series The Nutshack *Tito, a Chihuahua in Disney's Oliver & Company *Tito, a member of the Jukebox puppet band on Shining Time Station *Tito, lead character of Screen Gems animated movie shorts and comic strip Tito and his Burrito

===Other=== *Alberto Ortiz Moreno, known as Tito, Spanish footballer *Bruno Miguel Areias de Sousa, known as Tito, Portuguese footballer *Félix Trinidad, known as Tito, Puerto Rican professional boxer *Orlando Colón, known as Tito Colon, Puerto Rican professional wrestler *Roberto Román Triguero, known as Tito, Spanish footballer *Terry Francona, known as Tito after his father, baseball manager with Cleveland Indians *Tito Kayak, Puerto Rican protester and demonstrator

==Arts and entertainment== *Tito (miniseries), a 2010 Croatian documentary miniseries about Josip Broz Tito *Tito (film), a 2004 Egyptian action film

==Places== *Tito, Basilicata, town in the province of Potenza, Italy

==See also== * TITO (disambiguation)

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