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definition : Thayer

Thayer may refer to:



*Thayer family, a Boston Brahmin family and prominent American political family.

===Surname=== * Abbott Handerson Thayer (1849–1921), American artist * Adin Thayer (1816–1890), New York politician * Alexander Wheelock Thayer (1817–1897), author of The life of Ludwig van Beethoven, a standard biography, and other music biographies * Albert R. Thayer (1878–1965), painter and etcher * Amos Madden Thayer (1841–1905), United States federal judge * Andrew J. Thayer (1818–1873), attorney and legislator * Betty Thayer (born 1958), businesswoman * Bronson Thayer, executive * Brynn Thayer (born 1949), American actress * Charles W. Thayer (1910–1969), US military officer, diplomat and author (fiction and non fiction) * Dale Thayer (born 1980), baseball pitcher * David Thayer (born 1949), birth name of Teddy Harvia, cartoonist * Deborah Jinza Thayer, choreographer * Donnette Thayer, vocalist and guitarist * Douglas Thayer (born 1929), American writer * Edwin Pope Thayer, Secretary of the United States Senate 1925–1933 * Eli Thayer (1819–1899), Kansas politician * Ella Cheever Thayer (1849–1925), playwright and novelist * Emma Homan Thayer (1842–1908), American botanical artist and author * Ernest Thayer (1863–1940), American poet, author of "Casey at the Bat" * Francis S. Thayer (1822–1880), New York politician * George Thayer (1905-1952), American football player * Greg Thayer (born 1949), baseball pitcher * Harry Thayer (disambiguation), several people * Helen Thayer, explorer * James Thayer (born 1949), thriller writer * James Thayer (Medal of Honor) (born 1853), United States Navy sailor and Medal of Honor recipient * James Bradley Thayer (1831–1902), American legal writer and educationist * James B. Thayer (born 1922), United States military officer and businessman * Jeritt Thayer (born 1986), American soccer player * Jesse B. Thayer (1845–1910), educator * John Thayer (disambiguation), several people * Joseph Henry Thayer (1828–1901), American biblical scholar * Lorna Thayer (1919–2005), American actress * Maria Thayer (born 1975), American actress/comedian * Marian Thayer, Titanic survivor * Martin Russell Thayer (1819–1906), politician * Max Thayer (born 1946), American movie actor * Nate Thayer (born 1960), American journalist who interviewed Pol Pot * Nathaniel Thayer (1769–1840), minister * Nathaniel Thayer, Jr. (1808-1883), railroad developer * Orla Ed Thayer, inventor of the Thayer Valve for trombones * Otis B. Thayer (1862-1935), American actor, director and film producer * Pauline Revere Thayer (1860–1934), benefactor * Robert H. Thayer (1901–1984), American lawyer, naval officer and diplomat. * Samuel J. F. Thayer (1842–1893), American architect * Samuel R. Thayer (1837–1909), attorney and diplomat * Scofield Thayer (1889–1982), American poet and publisher * Sigourney Thayer (1896–1944), theatrical producer * Simeon Thayer (1737–1800), American officer of the American Revolutionary War * Stella F. Thayer (born 1940), president of the National Museum of Racing and Hall of Fame * Steve Thayer (born 1953), novelist * Stuart Thayer (1926–2009), American circus historian * Sylvanus Thayer (1785–1872), United States general * Thomas Thayer (1812–1886), theologian * Tiffany Thayer (1902–1959), founder of the Fortean Society * Tom Thayer (born 1961), NFL player * Tommy Thayer (born 1960), lead guitarist of KISS * W. Paul Thayer (William Paul Thayer, 1919–2010), test pilot * W. W. Thayer (William Wallace Thayer, 1827–1899), sixth Governor of Oregon * Wallace Thayer (1866–1944), New York assemblyman * Webster Thayer (1857–1933), the judge at the trial of Sacco and Vanzetti * Whitney Eugene Thayer (1838–1889), American organist and composer * William Thayer (disambiguation), several people

===Given name=== * Thayer David (1927-1978), film and TV actor

==Places== ;United States * Thayer, Illinois * Thayer, Indiana * Thayer, Iowa * Thayer, Kansas * Thayer, Michigan * Thayer, Missouri * Thayer, Nebraska *Thayer, West Virginia * Thayer County, Nebraska * Thayer Street, Providence, Rhode Island * Thayer Township, Thurston County, Nebraska * Mount Thayer, a mountain in the Santa Cruz Mountains of California

==Education== * Thayer Academy in Braintree, Massachusetts * Thayer Hall, a Harvard University dormitory * Thayer Learning Center, Kidder, Missouri * Thayer School of Engineering, Dartmouth College

==Other== * Thayer's gull * Thayer Valve, a valve for trombones * C.A. Thayer, a schooner preserved at the San Francisco Maritime National Historical Park.

==See also== * Justice Thayer (disambiguation)

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