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definition : Tagalog

Tagalog may refer to:

*Tagalog language, a language spoken in the Philippines *Tagalog people, a major ethnic group in the Philippines *Filipino language, the standard form of Tagalog that serves as an official language of the Philippines

==Language== * Old Tagalog, an archaic form of the language * Batangas Tagalog, a dialect of the language * Tagalog script, a writing system also known as Baybayin * Tagalog (Unicode block)

==Geography== *Southern Tagalog, a region in southern Luzon that is the heartland of the Tagalog people *Tagalog Republic or Katagalugan, revolutionary governments during the Philippine Revolution

==Other== * Ruben Tagalog, Filipino musician * Tagalog War, another name for the Philippine Revolution * *

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