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definition : Taffy

Taffy may refer to:

==People== * Pejorative English term for a Welsh person (as used in the rhyme, Taffy was a Welshman) * Taffy (nickname), various people * Taffy (singer) (born Katherine Quaye in born 1963), American singer * Taffy Thomas, British storyteller, appointed the UK's first Laureate for Storytelling in 2010

==Other uses== * Taffy (candy), a type of chewy, often colored, candy * Taffy, a nickname for Navy Task Units in World War II * "Taffy" (song), by Lisa Loeb, 1995 * Taffy, a character in the ClayFighter series of video games * Taffy Sinclair (disambiguation), two fictional characters * Taffy Entertainment

==See also== * Toffee * *

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