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definition : Stacy

Stacy or Stacey may refer to:

== Places == In the United States: * Stacy, California, an unincorporated community * Stacy, Kentucky * Stacy, Minnesota, a city * Stacy, Virginia, a village

== People == * Stacy (given name) – either a diminutive of ANASTASIA, or else from a surname which was derived from Stace, a medieval form of EUSTACE; as a feminine name, it came into general use during the 1950s, though it had earlier been in use as a rare masculine name * Stacy (singer) (born 1990), Malaysian singer, winner of the sixth season of Akademi Fantasia

=== Surname === * Enid Stacy (1868–1903), British activist * Francis Stacey (1830–1885), Welsh-born cricketer and law officer * George Stacey, (1787–1857), Quaker abolitionist * George William Stacey (1881–1972), English footballer * Jess Stacy, (1904–1995), American jazz pianist * Mark Stacey (born 1964), Welsh antiques expert * Ralph D. Stacey (born 1942), British organizational theorist and Professor of Management * Steve Stacey (born 1958), Australian rugby league footballer * Steve Stacey (footballer) (born 1944), English football (soccer) player * Warren Stacey, British R&B singer-songwriter * William Stacy (1734–1802), American Revolutionary War officer and pioneer to the Ohio Country

== Fictional characters == * Gwen Stacy, a character in the Spider-Man comic books * George Stacy, Gwen's father * Stacy, one of the main characters in Dick Figures * Stacy Stickler, one of the main characters in the Canadian animated series Stickin' Around *Stacy,the daughter of Octodad and Scarlet in the video game "Octodad: Dadliest Catch"

== Other uses == * Atari Stacy, a computer in the Atari ST family * Stacy (film), Japanese zombie horror film * Stacey (film), a 1973 exploitation film directed by Andy Sidaris

== See also == * Steacy, a surname

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