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definition : Sanderson

Sanderson may refer to:

==Places== * Sanderson, Florida, a town in the United States * Sanderson, Texas, a census-designated place in the United States * Sanderson, West Virginia, an unincorporated community in the United States * Sanderson, Northern Territory, an area of Darwin, Australia * Electoral division of Sanderson, in Australia * Sanderson Farms, a US-based poultry producer * Sanderson Hotel in London

==People== * Sanderson (surname), people with the surname Sanderson * Sanderson, a pixie who works with Head Pixie in the cartoon The Fairly OddParents * Brandon Sanderson, a fantasy and science fiction writer

==Things== * Arthur Sanderson & Sons Ltd, a British fabric and wallpaper manufacturer

==See also== * Angus-Sanderson, an English automobile * Jesse O. Sanderson High School, Raleigh, North Carolina USA * Sanders (surname)

Texte soumis à la licence CC-BY-SA. Source : Article de Wikipédia

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