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definition : Olympus

Olympus or Olympos () may refer to:


===In antiquity===

==== Greece ==== * Mount Olympus in Macedonia, northern Greece, the home of the twelve gods of Olympus in Greek mythology * Mount Olympus (Lesvos), located in Lesbos * Mount Olympus (Euboea), located in Euboea * Mount Olympus (Attica), located in East Attica * Mount Olympus (Skyros), located in Skyros * Mount Lykaion, located in Arcadia

==== Turkey ==== * Mysian Olympus (present-day Uludağ), in northwest Turkey * Paphlagonian Olympus (present-day Arıt Dağı near Bartın) * Mount Nif (present-day Nif Dağı in Aegean Turkey) * Lycian Olympus (present-day Tahtalı Dağı near Kemer)

==== Cyprus ==== * Mount Olympus (Cyprus), the highest point (1952 m) on the island of Cyprus

===In modern times===

==== United States ==== * Mount Olympus (Washington), on the Olympic Peninsula * Mount Olympus (Utah), on the Wasatch Front * Mount Olympus (San Francisco), in the Ashbury Heights neighborhood

==== New Zealand ==== * Mount Olympus, the 2,096-meter mountain range, which contains Mount Olympus Ski Area, located in the South Island of New Zealand

==== Solar System ==== * Olympus Mons (Mars), the tallest known volcano and mountain in the solar system

==People== *Olympus (musician), two semi-mythical musicians from the time of Ancient Greece


=== Greece ===

* Olympos, Karpathos, a town on the Karpathos Island * Dio-Olympos, Pieria, a municipal unit in the foothils of the mythic Mount Olympus

=== Turkey ===

* Olympos (Lycia), village in the heart of the Olympos coastal national park

=== United States ===

* Mount Olympus, Los Angeles, a neighborhood in the Hollywood Hills, California * Mount Olympus, Indiana, an unincorporated place * Mount Olympus, Utah, a census-designated place

==Business== * Olympus Corporation, a Japanese optics and imaging company * Olympus tension leg platform, an oil rig in the Gulf of Mexico * Rolls-Royce Olympus, a jet engine and marine turbine * Mt. Olympus Water & Theme Park, Wisconsin Dells, Wisconsin * Olympus, a codename for the third version of phpBB, phpBB3

==Entertainment== * Olympos (novel), a science fiction novel by American author Dan Simmons * Olympus Rally, a motorsport event in the Washington State, USA * The Battle of Olympus, a video game for the Nintendo Entertainment System * Olympus (Marvel Comics), a fictional location in Marvel Comics * Twilight in Olympus, a 1998 album by progressive metal band Symphony X * Olympos is a board game from Philippe Keyaerts published by Rio Grande Games * Percy Jackson (novel), a book based on Greek mythology and the Olympian gods by Rick Riordan * Olympus Has Fallen, a 2013 American action thriller film * Olympus (TV series), a 2015 Canadian fantasy television series that premiered on Syfy on April 2, 2015

==Other== * Olympus, a New Zealand company sailing ship the brought 159 settlers to Wellington, New Zealand in 1840 * Olympus, an alternate name for Bigelow Aerospace's BA 2100 spacecraft * FC Olimp Ungheni, the name of the Moldovan football club CS Moldova-03 Ungheni during 2008-2011 * Olympus College, a high school in Arnhem, The Netherlands * Olympus High School, a high school in Utah, USA * USS Mount Olympus (AGC-8), a World War II US Navy ship

==See also== *Olympe (disambiguation)

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