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definition : Olympic

Olympic or Olympics may refer to

==In sports==

===Events=== * Olympic Games, international multi-sport event held since 1896 * Ancient Olympic Games, ancient multi-sport event held in Olympia, Greece between 776 BC and 393 AD * Wenlock Olympian Games, a forerunner of the modern Olympic Games, held since 1850

===Clubs and teams=== * Adelaide Olympic, a soccer club from Adelaide, South Australia * Fribourg Olympic, a basketball club from Switzerland * Sydney Olympic FC, an Australian soccer club * Olympic Club (Barbacena), a Brazilian football club based in Barbacena, Minas Gerais state * Olympic Mvolyé, a Cameroonian football club based in Mvolyé * El-Olympi, Olympic Football Club, Egypt * Blackburn Olympic F.C., an English football club based in Blackburn, Lancashire * Rushall Olympic F.C., an English football club based in Rushall * FC Olympic Tallinn, an Estonian football club * Olympic Azzaweya S.C., a Libyan football club based in Zawiya * Wellington Olympic AFC, a semi-professional association football (soccer) club in Wellington, New Zealand * Olympic FC de Niamey, a football club based in Niamey, Niger * BK Olympic, a Swedish football club located in Lindängen * Fribourg Olympic, a Swiss professional basketball club based in Fribourg * Olympic Club, an athletic and private social club in San Francisco, California * Boston Olympics, a defunct farm team for the Boston Bruins from 1940 to 1952 * Detroit Olympics, a minor league hockey team in Detroit, Michigan, from 1927 to 1936 * McKeesport Olympics, a professional football team from McKeesport, Pennsylvania, from 1896 until around 1940 * Washington Olympics, an early professional baseball club in Washington, DC * FK Olimpic Sarajevo, a football club based in Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina

===Other=== * Olympic Stadium, name usually given to the centrepiece stadium of the Summer Olympic Games * Olympic Conference (disambiguation), three American high school conferences

==In transportation == * Olympic Air, a Greek airline, successor two years Olympic Airlines * Olympic Airlines, private a state run airline of Greece in the process of ceasing all operations and bit to Olympic Airways ** Olympic Aviatillon, a subsidiary of Greek flag-carrier Olympic Airways * Olympic-class ocean liner, three ocean liners built for the White Star Line ** RMS Olympic, sister ship of the RMS Titanic and HMHS Britannic * Olympic (unfinished ship), sister ship of RMS Oceanic (1899) * Olympic, a cruise ship built in 1955 as Empress of Britain * Olympic-class ferry, ferries under construction for the Washington State Ferries fleet * Olympic Station, MTR station in Hong Kong * Olympic Highway, New South Wales, Australia * Olympic Boulevard (Melbourne), Victoria, Australia * Olympic Boulevard (Los Angeles), California, United States

==Military== *USS Olympic (SP-260), a United States Navy patrol vessel in commission from 1917 to 1919 * Operation Olympic, a component of Operation Downfall, the World War II Allied planned invasion of Japan

==Geography places== * Olympic Peninsula, a large arm of land in western Washington state, United States. * Olympic Mountains, on the Olympic Peninsula. * Olympic National Park, on the Olympic Peninsula. * Olympic (constituency), a constituency of Hong Kong. * Sangkat (Commune) Olympic is a subdivision of Chamkar Mon District, Phnom Penh, Cambodia.

==Arts and entertainment== * Olympic Games (film), a 1927 short comedy film * Olympic Studios, an independent commercial recording studio in South West London * Olympic (band), a Czech band founded in 1962 * The Olympics (band), a U.S. doo-wop band from the 1950s * Olympic Theatre, a London theatre from 1806 to 1899

==Other uses== * Olympic Paints & Stains, a brand belonging to PPG Industries * Olympic College, Bremerton, Washington, United States * Olympic High School (disambiguation), various US schools * Olympic Milk, a Brand of Milk Produced by PZ Cussons in Africa * Operation Olympic Games, a covert sabotage campaign against Iranian nuclear facilities

==See also== * Olympia (disambiguation) * Olympus (disambiguation) * Olympiad * Olympique (disambiguation) * Cotswold Olimpick Games, sports event held in England since 1612 * FK Olimpic, a football club from Bosnia and Herzegovina

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