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definition : OM

Om is a sacred syllable of Hinduism. The syllable Om is also referred to as Omkara.

OM, om, and variations may also refer to:

==Arts and entertainment== ===Fiction=== * Om (1995 film), a 1995 Indian Kannada film * Om (2003 film), a 2003 Bollywood film * Omkara (2004 film), a 2004 Indian Kannada film * Omkara (2006 film), a 2006 Indian Bollywood film * Great God Om, a fictional deity in the Discworld universe * Om, the lead character in the 2007 Bollywood film Om Shanti Om

===Music=== * Om (band), a psychedelic rock band * Om (Ibarra album), a 1996 album * Om (John Coltrane album), a 1965 album * OM (Negură Bunget album), a 2006 album * Om (Soulfly album), a 2002 album also known as 3 * "Om" (The Moody Blues song), a 1969 song * OM Festival, a Canadian electronic music festival * Om Records, a San Francisco-based dance music record label, home to artist like J Boogie, Kaskade, and King Kooba * Of Machines, a post-hardcore band * Orchestra Model, an acoustic guitar by Martin Guitars

==Businesses and organizations== * MIAT-Mongolian Airlines (IATA code OM) * Odyssey of the Mind, an international problem-solving competition for students * Officine Meccaniche, a former Italian motor vehicle manufacturer * Olympique de Marseille, a French football club * Operation Mobilisation, a Christian non-profit missions organization * Orlando Magic, a basketball team in the NBA

==Honors and orders== * Order of Manitoba, the post-nominal letters indicating membership in an honour of the Crown in Right of Manitoba * Order of Merit, post-nominal letters indicating membership in a high honour from the monarch of the Commonwealth realms * Order of the Minims, the post-nominal letters indicating membership in a Roman Catholic religious order founded by Francis of Paola in the fifteenth century in Italy

==Language== * Oromo language (ISO 639-1 code "om") * Oto-Manguean languages * Om (properly Umm) means Mother in the Arabic language.

==Places== * Øm Abbey, a Cistercian abbey which was in Søhøjlandet, in Denmark * Om River, a river in Siberia, Russia * Oman (ISO 3166 country code OM) ** .om, the country code top level domain (ccTLD) for Oman * Omu Peak (2507 m) in the Bucegi Mountains of Romania

==Science and technology== ===Biology and medicine=== * Occupational medicine, a medical specialty * Osteomyelitis, a bone marrow infection * Otitis media, an infection of the middle ear * Bacterial outer membrane, a layer found in gram-negative bacteria

===Computing and telecommunications=== * .om, the country code top level domain (ccTLD) for Oman * OM AB, a Swedish exchange which merged with Finnish HEX plc to become OMX * Openmoko Linux, a mobile operating system developed by the Openmoko project

===Other uses in science and technology=== * Olympus OM system, a family of Olympus SLR cameras made between 1972 and 2002 * Organic matter * Osipkov–Merritt models, mathematical representations of spherical stellar systems

==Sport== * Olympique de Marseille, a French football club in Marseille

==Other uses== * Minim (religious order), is a member of the Roman Catholic religious order of friars * Offering memorandum, in finance, "the OM", prospectus for a bond offering * Old Man, meaning a male amateur radio operator * Old Marlburians, alumni of Marlborough College * Old Millfieldians, alumni of Millfield School * Om (actor), Bengali actor * Operating margin, in business * Operation Mindfuck, a practice within Discordianism * Orgasmic Meditation, a meditational practice in which the object of meditation is finger to genital (usually clitoris) contact

==See also== * Aum (disambiguation) * O&M (disambiguation) * OAM (disambiguation) * Ohm (disambiguation) * OMS (disambiguation) * Omu (disambiguation) * Aum Shinrikyo, a Japanese new religious movement, known for carrying out the Sarin gas attacks in the Tokyo subways

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